In January I put together a nice well written blog, including an exclusive interview with Justin Plummer, in advance of IWC Reloaded 2.0.  Next thing you know the worst snowfall to hit this area of all time ever happened and every independent wrestling show north of I-40 was cancelled.  

Well, Justin is not one to take the Reset Button away from anyone, so on May 7th the Reset Button returns to IWC, and Reloaded 2.0 is back on.

With any luck, Court Time in Elizabeth will be rocking with fans of the IWC – for all those fair weather IWC fans that only show up for Night of the Superstars, it’d be nice to see you help pack the house of one of the top independent promotions in this county.  If you’ve never been to an IWC show, I highly recommend making it out to this one because there is no telling what is going to happen, or who is going to show up.

Here’s a quick rundown of the announced matches, including my prediction as to who the Reset Button may land on.  Feel free to leave comments on matchups you’d like to see.

Full disclosure, I have been given zero heads up as to who the opponents will be, and anything I pick correctly is pure coincidence.  Rumour has it that Katie from Sorgatron Media is the one who has written the logarithm that runs the Reset Button,  but this has yet to be verified.

On to the matches….

  • Dylan Bostic vs Billy Gunn – I was able to catch up with Dylan over the weekend to get a brief comment on this match:

Treyfabe:  Dylan, any comments about your big match coming up with Billy Gunn at Reloaded 2.0?

Dylan:  This is nothing more than a good warmup for my heavyweight title match.

Dylan then pushed me aside, put his arm around the always alluring Ray Lyn, and walked away.  It is apparent from his words and actions that Dylan is already looking past Billy Gunn and eyeing only the top prize in the IWC, the Heavyweight Title.

 – DJ Z will be defending the IWC Heavyweight title vs opponent TBD by reset button. Plummer has stated that wrestlers from all over will be on hand hoping the Reset Button will land on them.  I’d like to see one of the big guys on the IWC roster in this spot, I’m thinking Wardlow.

– The Fraternity will be defending the IWC Tag Team title vs opponents TBD by reset button.  The first Reset Button had the craziest pairing yet, when VIP Joe Rosa and Jimmy Vegas were put together as partners that eventually won the tag titles.  I’d like to see another mashup this go around.  How about Super Hentai and Bill Collier.

– Andrew Palace will be defending the IWC Super Indy title vs opponent TBD by reset button.  Though they were once partners in the STDs, I think it is time for future legend Corey Futuristic to get a singles title shot.  Corey knows all of Palace’s moves so I think this would be a great match.

– Super Indy 15 qualifying match Chris LeRusso vs TBD vs TBD vs TBD.  LeRusso has been jockeying for a spot in the Super Indy for months now, and this time he’ll have to go through three competitors.  Plummer is mean and is not making it easy for LeRusso, basically Plummer is the Goodell to LeRusso’s Brady.  

For the three combatants in this match I’m going outside of the box and thinking it will be Brutal Bob Evans, RJ City, and Jock Samson.

– Deonna Purrazo vs Britt Baker is booked as a women’s match.  Deonna is fresh off a match at the TNA Knockouts Knockdown where she lost to the Killer Queen herself, Madison Rayne.  It was a good match though and Purrazo is definitely one of the top young women wrestlers out there.  Britt Baker is, of course, the hometown heroine and this will shape up to be a great match.  

Honestly though, these two women are nothing when compared to the true First Lady of IWC, Ray Lyn.  Britt should really just be lucky that Ray Lyn is still nursing an injury. Remember Plummer, the fans want an IWC Women’s Title, and we want it settled, in a cage, between Britt and Ray Lyn.

– STDs vs Keith Haught and Remy Lavey – looks like Chest Flexor and Brian McDowell are slated to face Haught and Lavey.  However, I also ran into Brian McDowell over the weekend and he had this to say:

Treyfabe:  Brian, any thoughts on Reloaded 2.0 on May 7th?

McDowell:  Thoughts, you want thoughts, I’ll give you my thoughts punk.  I’d love a rematch with DJ Z.  I think it’s time the Kingpin gets a shot at the heavyweight championship.

McDowell then pushed me aside and picked up a 7/10 split.  I am uncertain why all the IWC wrestlers push me down and call me names every time I try to interview them….does Joe Dombrowski get treated like this?

As you can see from the Kingpin’s comments, he’d like the Reset Button to land on him and would relish the opportunity to take the gold from around DJ Z’s waist.  DJ Z certainly knows that the IWC Heavyweight title is highly coveted, and everyone wants a chance to get him in the ring.

Whatever happens, IWC Reloaded 2.0 looks to be a fun and unpredictable evening. Hope to see you all there.

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