Was able to go see House of Hardcore 20 in Elizabeth, PA tonight, in conjunction with our hometown fed IWC.  I was going to open this with a story of how much ECW meant to my life there in the mid-90’s as us sailors would go apeshit over every episode in the barracks rooms, but that is another tale, for another day.  You just want to hear about the wrestling, right?

To the results we go….(with occasional side notes, cheap shots, and plugs)


  • Bull James defeated Kevin Thorn w/the Double Duprees, but that was not the story on this one, oh no
  • While ramming into one another like juggernauts, the middle ropes broke, I repeat, these two men rammed into each other with such force that they completely separated the rope, it was insane, and an instant Hardcore moment
  • No need to stop the match, it continued, WITH NO MIDDLE ROPE
  • Bull got a pedigree on Thorn for the pinfall victory after the Duprees were banned from ringside due to interference
  • SIDE NOTE:  the woman referee bought in for the event is SMOKING HOT
  • Tommy Dreamer came out to kill some time as the bottom rope was moved to the middle, meaning that the card was going to continue at this point with no middle rope
  • Shane InYaFace led the quick ring repair squad, thanks Shane
  • SIDE NOTE:  during this segue, Tommy with the major reveal that Kimono’s breasts were not real….I feel that a second opinion is needed to verify this and am offering up my services before Trump gets to her
  • PLUG:  Kevin Thorn  just recorded an interview this past week on the the best wrestling podcast around, the Wrestling Mayhem Show, be sure to check it out at http://www.wrestlingmayhemshow.com/
  • Next up was the presentation of the Super Indy title to Chris LeRusso, due to the recent vacation of the title by Josh Alexander
  • Justin Plummer, IWC’s head honcho (next to Mrs. Plummer, that is) spoiled the coronation by stating LeRusso would have to earn the title, and the next surprise of the evening was the surprise appearance of his opponent – the Neon Ninja himself FACADE!!!
  • Thanks to interference by the meanest guy on the Twitters, Bulk Nasty, LeRusso was able to deliver a low blow to Facade when the ref wasn’t looking and get the pin on Facade to become the new IWC Super Indy champion.  Action packed match, with only two ropes, can we get Facade back into an IWC ring soon please?!
  • Alex Reynolds defeated John Silver and Detective Dan Berry in a triple threat match, really exciting match and almost got my coveted Match of the Night award actually – highlight of the match being when Silver had Reynolds pinned but Reynolds was able to get his foot on the second rope – prompting a ‘second rope’ chant that I’m quite certain was the first time that has ever happened in a wrestling match
  • Bob Holly defeated Ethan Carter III, EC3, in a fun match that saw Holly chop up EC3’s chest, bust his lip open, and finish him off with an Alabama Slammer.  EC3 stated that Holly’s chops were the hardest he had ever felt after the match.
  • Team Labar (Dylan Bostic, RJ City, and Wardlow) w/Ray Lyn and Justin Labar defeated Team IWC (Andrew Palace, Jimmy Vegas, and Matt Striker) w/John McChesney in a match that got out of control fast as it was hard to keep track of who the legal man was.  RJ City ended up getting the pin on Striker, who was the surprise substitute for a still injured John McChesney
  • After the match, Team Labar got caned by The Sandman, with Labar getting beer poured all over him.  Was great to be able to see The Sandman walk all around the crowd as Metallica pumped through the speakers
  • SIDE NOTE:  During intermission, the bottom rope was replaced, but the legacy of the wrestling ring with two ropes will live on forever
  • Tony Nese defeated Matt Cross after Cross missed a move off the top rope, shooting star I think it was, and Nese was able to roll him up.  These two went at it with loads of head kicks that would’ve killed any mortal man.  Another Match of the Night candidate, but more on that later.
  • A surprise booked six-man…erm intergender…match was announced next, as out came Jessicka Havok, Allie, and Braxton Sutter awaiting their opponents…
  • Then out came two of their opponents, Tommy Dreamer and Candice LeRae, but they did not have a third partner until…
  • Out came their surprise partner – SWOGGLE!
  • What follows is a series of highlights from that match:
  • Dreamer kissed Havok after she spit in his face
  • Swoggle biting Allie on the ass
  • Ok, the early highlights sound like one of those late night Cinemax movies I watch but bear with me here it gets better
  • Hoggle splashed Havok on the outside
  • Dreamer bought in a trashcan full of weapons, blasting Braxton with a cake pan
  • Dreamer spit someone’s PowerAde into all of his opponents faces
  • Havok tossed Candice into a ladder like a ragdoll
  • Dreamer tried to piledrive Havok onto a chair but she reversed it into a figure four
  • Everyone had the Human Centipede submissions on one another except for Swoggle, instead of joining in the submission party he started a game of Duck, Duck, Goose – with Allie being chosen as Goose – prompting the ref to force Allie to break her hold and chase Swoggle around the ring
  • Dreamer got a DDT on Havok, but even that didn’t end the match as Allie broke the pin
  • Dreamer, Swoggle, and Candice then did the newly crowned Trump move, in which they grabbed Havok by her….erm…nether regions, and slammed her
  • Swoggle got a frog splash onto Braxton after that, and the pinfall victory for his team, highly entertaining match
  • Rhino pinned Sami Callihan in the MATCH OF THE NIGHT, which saw Sami kick out of one of the patented gores.  Rhino eventually got a piledriver onto a chair to get the pinfall victory – these two completely destroyed one another inside and outside of the ring and I’m not sure how they had any energy to even walk after that match – truly a great finish to the evening until…
  • RJ City, Dylan Bostic, and Wardlow came out and attacked Sami, Rhino, and Dreamer…prompting one more surprise of the night as
  • Out came Bully Ray for the save – which saw the ultimate going away present for Dylan Bostic…a chokeslam through a dusty table
  • The final announcement of a fun evening was when Plummer was then brought to the ring and the offer extended and accepted to bring HOH back to Elizabeth next year – so a real great moment for Pittsburgh area wrestling to be included on the HOH tour schedule – thank you Tommy.
  • FINAL SIDE NOTE:  I owe Braxton a flex off…he caught me on one of my rest days though, maybe next time.


I will be unable to attend the next two IWC events, I always like going to Winner Takes All in December but She Wants Revenge just booked a 10 year anniversary concert that same evening in Millvale.  I love IWC but I keep on missing She Wants Revenge when they are in town – if you don’t know of the great rocking goth/synth/new wave/rock band She Wants Revenge go download their song ‘Tear You Apart’ and thank me later.  So long story short, this will probably be my final IWC blog post for the year, will be catching up on DVD’s and downloads.

No rankings this month as this was not a full on IWC card.

That being said, a few questions for IWC remain after this event.

1) who will Team Labar choose to face DJ Z for the IWC Heavyweight Title at Winner Takes  All?  I’m thinking Wardlow finally gets his well deserved chance but I’d like to see Labar throw a curveball and choose Kingpin Brian McDowell as Z’s opponent.

2) with LeRusso as the Super Indy champion, who are the top contenders for the Super Indy title now?  Andrew Palace and Bryan Bowers are no brainers, but what about finally giving Corey Futuristic his title shot?  Or in what I think would also be a good match and another one well deserved, Britt Baker?

As always,  all IWC cards are available for purchase here:  http://www.indywrestling.us/

And more details on upcoming IWC cards can be found here:  http://iwcwrestling.com/

You can follow the latest news and updates on House of Hardcore as they have some exciting cards coming out to close the year that may be coming to a town near you by visiting their website here:  https://www.houseofhardcore.net/

Thanks for reading, as always all comments, critiques, and cheap shots are welcome here or on the Twitters at @treygar

Until next time here are some pics of me and some of the wrestlers from the HOH show with a cameo appearance of my faded 20 year old Danzig blackacidevil tour shirt.