Some of the top local independent wrestling talent from half a dozen, if not more, different federations from Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia – booked on one super card of sorts that had some in ring debuts, in ring returns, and some first time ever matches – am I dreaming here?  

This really happened this past Saturday night folks at the Stomp Out Cancer event thrown by the Tressler brothers in conjunction with Ryse at the Stronghold in Lemont Furnace, PA.  There were all sorts of fans from many different federations I noticed in attendance at the event, as well as several local dignitaries in the scene…but enough about Bradley Ruthers.

Here’s the highlights, side notes, inside jokes, and obligatory plugs of what was a fun and entertaining lengthy evening of pro wrestling (to those who I have never seen wrestle before I hope I got all the spellings down right if not please shoot me all corrections):

  • The pre-show opened with the Steel City Classic Tag Team Gauntlet
    • Party Gras (Lord Zoltan and Justin Sane) opened the contest against Golden Chic (bae Calvin Couture and Robert Parker Williams w/BC Steele)
    • SIDE NOTE:  the manager for Party Gras dressed the way my uncle would to a Jimmy Buffet concert
    • Party Gras won the first stage via countout, as Golden Chic had another match later in the evening they were more concerned with
    • The Sexy Talented Dudes (Corey Futuristic and Chest Flexor w/Ginger) won stage two over Party Gras
    • SIDE NOTE:  Corey with some stiff kicks in this contest, he must have got hyped from watching the very stiff Kid Sensation vs Low Ki match from Super Indy 1 – available from
    • Corey and Chest won stage three as well, defeating the debuting Sauna Club (Dan Hooven and Santana Diamonds), with Corey rolling up a distracted Dan Hooven
    • SIDE NOTE:  The Sauna Club seemed highly distracted by the ra….erm…women that were ringside, nearly getting counted out and at one point asking “What body look like?” to a female that had shouted at Santana to take his shirt off.  I had only previously heard that phrase when eating hoagies in Butler but that is a whole other story
    • The Thought Police (Plato Meramac and Officer Dan Murphy) won stage four, defeating a by then winded Corey and Chest
    • Squadron M (Payton Graham and Drake Braddock) won stage five, in a squash over The Thought Police
    • SIDE NOTE:  Officer Dan Murphy was probably tired from a long day of arresting delinquents on a hot summer’s day, or The Thought Police surely would have won the contest
    • System Elite (Edric Everhart and Ty Cross) defeated Squadron M to win stage six
    • System Elite then went on to beat Team AIW (Big Twan Tucker and Parker Pierce) to win stage seven of the gauntlet
    • SIDE NOTE:  In both of System Elite’s stage wins to that point, they may or may not have used brass knuckles, my angle was a bit blocked
    • In the final stage, System Elite this time I’m sure used some brass knuckles, defeated the team of Marshall the Bull and Jami Jameson – to become the winners of the Steel City Classic Tag Team Gauntlet
  • This was just the pre-show folks!  
  • Since System Elite’s win was under dubious measures, a rematch was set up for later in the event of System Elite vs Marshall and Jami, one on one
  • In the opening match of the main card – The Reaper Matt Conard defeated The Gavel, Flawless David Lawless, this was a very well fought contest as I had expected it to be
  • Next up was an eight person tag team contest that pit Da Munchies, Joseline, and The Bearcat Keith Haught against Calvin Couture, Robert Parker Williams, Jake Garrett, and the unbeaten in five years returning to the ring BC Steele
  • This match had flying twinkies, some bare skin, a dance off, and I’m sure all sorts of other fun stuff but folks I really wasn’t paying attention, you see
  • SIDE NOTE:  In the corner of the Golden Chic/Garrett team was a one Krystal Frost – and sweet baby Jesus all I have to say is who is she, does she like bloggers, and where has she been my whole life?
  • For real, I would admittedly swerve for Darin Dinero (more on that later), but I would swerve right back and around again for Krystal Frost
  • Oh yeah, and the team of Da Munchies, Joseline, and Keith Haught got the win after Keith did a splash and pin on BC
  • Ring announcer Hammering Hank Hudson joined in on Da Munchies dance party after the match
  • In the next contest, Shawn Phoenix and Lee Moriarty were putting on a classic match that was butting up against the time limit, and looked to be a possible draw until into the ring stormed The Founding Fathers (Dennis Gregory, Dean Radford, and Justin Idol w/Norm Connors)
  • The Founding Fathers were taking out Phoenix and Moriarty (the match was ruled a no contest) – when out came Brandon K with the save – which set up a six man match later on in the evening between The Founding Fathers and Phoenix, Moriarty, and in a surprise announcement, Brandon K
  • Special guest ring announcer Noelle announced the next contest, in which Katie Arquette w/Calvin Couture defeated Honey Badger with a roll up as Calvin distracted Badger
  • After the match Calvin yelled at Noelle for what he perceived to be poor ring announcing, so she slapped him and celebrated in the ring with Honey Badger
  • SIDE NOTE:  Calvin took a bit of abuse throughout the evening but nobody rocks a silver lamé jacket the way he does lemme tell you
  • In a suicidal six way match – Stryder took advantage of an opportunity to pin The Bouncer, after Shane InYaFace had done all the dirty work.  Also in the match were Kalam, Troy Lords, and my money favorite for that contest Noctus
  • The match had the top move of the night, and it wasn’t even by a wrestler, as at one point during the match referee Joe McCoy did a picture perfect dive onto the wrestlers who were brawling outside the ring
  • SIDE NOTE:  As Bradley Ruthers was walking to his seat during intermission, some ring entrance music began to play – Bradley was quick to point out that this was not his ring entrance music – stating that his ring entrance music is Daft Punk
  • After intermission, Marshall the Bull and Jami Jameson got their revenge on System Elite, with Jameson landing his patented and devastating moonsault onto Edric and getting the pin.  During the match Marshall was able to get the brass knuckles and exact a bit of just rewards on System Elite’s faces
  • In what was the match of the night, Shawn Phoenix, Lee Moriarty, and Brandon K defeated The Founding Fathers.
  • Some highlights of the match included Dennis Gregory just tossing Phoenix like a beanbag outside the ring…this was followed up by dives from Lee and Justin Idol – these guys were giving it to each other
  • Just when The Founding Fathers were taking control, due to the help of Norm Connors interfering, Dean accidentally knocked Norm from the ring apron, which led to Brandon K superkicking Dean and getting the pinfall victory
  • In a hardcore match which saw many a chair flying into each other’s faces, G-Raver defeated Shirley Doe
  • G-Raver did a senton onto Doe, who at the time was covered with two chairs, and then got the pin in a brutal contest
  • I’d be remiss not to mention the other referees not mentioned thus far who lent their time to this charity event – CJ Sensation, Jake Clemons, and Josh Mane – who did what they could to control the flow of the evening
  • In the main event we had the four main elimination match between Jack Pollock, Christian Black, Duke Davis, and man crush Darin Dinero
  • Dinero eliminated Black
  • Duke basically eliminated himself, hitting the referee with a chair after double suplexing Pollock and Dinero – if Duke would have kept his head in the match he may have won but dude is a loose cannon that hates everything, including the rules of the match – thus Brandon K made the decision to disqualify Duke from the contest
  • This left Dinero and Pollock to battle it out (basically the Pride of Elizabeth, PA vs the Pride of Canada), and after exchanging some hard blows and suplexes to one another, Pollock landed a flying kick to get the pinfall victory over Dinero much to my disappointment

Overall it was a great night of wrestling, for an even greater cause – that included some impassioned speeches by Norm Connors and Dennis Gregory about how important efforts to help Stomp Out Cancer really are.  

If you were unable to go to the event that is ok, as the event will be able to order via either DVD or download as soon as it is edited by the fine folks at Sorgatron Media – you will be able to purchase it at local events in the area or at

You can also make a donation to the American Cancer Society at the donation link on their website –

You can see the talent that was in the ring at events all over the area – for up to date postings of events in the area join the Western PA wrestling fan group on Facebook at

As always thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the matches.


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