Full disclosure, I have some cake I need to be eating right now…so I’m just going to jump into my review, run down, and rankings of last nights International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) Threat Level Midnight show.  Hold onto your seats ladies and gentlemen…

  • The opening match was a surprise addition – as The Upper Echelon (Colby Redd and PB Smooth) and Kevin Blackwood defeated ‘Fast as Hell’ Ian Maxwell, ‘Hitman for Hire’ Mister Grimm, and James Drake in an entertaining six man contest
  • SIDE NOTE:  In a battle of fashion, Nick Nedel bust out a nice shiny suit to announce in, so Big D Dave Kich countered with a smooth as ice white tuxedo.  Kich 1, Nedel 0.
  • Team Storm were all set to take on the Mega Plowers in a Flag Match, but a video played that was filmed earlier in the evening, in which the Plowers got attacked by some masked men who took out Magnum CK, leaving Jock Samson without a partner
  • SIDE NOTE:  the masked men’s identities were not revealed but my sources are telling me it may have been the Faces of Change
  • Jock Samson found himself a new tag partner, in the guise of Shane InYaFace, clad in red, white and blue
  • In a match in which both teams had opportunities, Team Storm got their flag first and won the flag match, upsetting Jock who was not happy with his new partner – end of day though Team Storm have been working together for a bit and Jock and Shane had not, so certainly the outcome of the match had much to do with in ring chemistry
  • The Fraternity came onto the big screen announcing they’d be back in August for Caged Fury, and issued an Open Challenge for the event for their tag team titles
  • SIDE NOTE:  Not sure who will answer that challenge, some early guesses include Golden Chic, The Sauna Club, or even the Hardy’s who the Fraternity scared away already earlier this year
  • Andrew Palace kicked out of some brutal moves by Gringo Loco before finally landing his kidney driver and winning an amazing match
  • Despite constant interference, Wardlow was able to defeat Jack Pollock and retain his IWC Heavyweight title…there was a ref bump just when Wardlow was about to get the victory, which led to Team Storm working over Wardlow and hand Pollock a chair to use on Wardlow
  • At that point, Andrew Palace’s music played, which caused Pollock some concern, JaXon was standing behind Pollock but Pollock thought that maybe it was Palace, so he knocked out his partner with the chair, and Wardlow was able to capitalize and land his White Flag slam finisher and get the victory
  • IWC head honcho and certified meatball Justin Plummer came out to announce a few things – one is that at Caged Fury Wardlow would have to defend his title against Jimmy Vega$ in a steel cage, and that at Caged Fury Palace and Pollock would settle it once and for all in a War Games match, and that by the end of the night they would have to find two partners each
  • In a four way elimination match to determine the #1 contender to the Super Indy title, and what was the esteemed TreyFabe Match of the Night – Anthony Henry in an upset defeated Chris LeRusso, Jonathan Gresham, and DJ Z
  • Match was too awesome to write about – buy the DVD if you want to see this one
  • LeRusso first eliminated Z with a small package, and then he eliminated Gresham as well after Gresham was attacked with a flag by a pesky JaXon Argos who had no business being ringside
  • LeRusso and Henry then fought it out mano y mano, with Henry getting a clean pin and the respect of the Court Time audience in the process, looking forward to any and all appearances by Henry going forward
  • The match between Marshall the Bull Gambino and Jami Jameson against the Sexy Talented Dudes was declared a no contest after Officer Dan Murphy came in and cleaned house – making the event change its name from Threat Level Midnight to Threat Level Murphy
  • Chest Flexor was unable to wrestle due to the concussion he received from Jameson at the Beaver Falls show, so Corey Futuristic took his place in the contest alongside Billy Ruxpin
  • Chest also believed he was a referee on one occasion, concussion after effects are real folks
  • SIDE NOTE:  It was great to see Wild Child Lee Ryans back at ringside supporting the STD’s
  • If you read my predictions here on Breaking TreyFabe, you would know that I predicted some title changes this week…generally I am 100% wrong, but I did ok for this card
  • Britt Baker’s stranglehold on the IWC Women’s Title, a title only she has held, came crashing to end after a back drop driver by new champion, an absolute Icon of women’s wrestling – LuFisto
  • LuFisto was able to escape the BrittMission twice in this contest, I’m not sure if anyone has ever escaped that move before, so again, BUY THE DVD when this one comes out folks
  • Now, I figured this would lead to an instant rematch between the two at Caged Fury, but I was wrong…you see after Britt and LuFisto shook hands after the match, Katie Arquette and Calvin Couture came out and attacked LuFisto
  • This caused LuFisto to issue a challenge to Arquette at Caged Fury…inside the steel cage – so yes folks you are reading it now – in what will be the first women’s catch match in IWC history – it will be Katie Arquette challenging LuFisto in August….everyone knows I love me some Katie but she is going into this match as a huge underdog
  • SIDE NOTE:  ran into a couple before the show that drove all the way from Binghamton to see LuFisto – so yeah LuFisto if you or Mr. Fisto are reading this it is always an honor to have you at an IWC event (and don’t forget to contact us at the Mayhem Show for a podcast interview…cheap plug)
  • Next up came out Bulk Nasty and his manager BC Steele with a bag full of $10,000 cold hard cash – awaiting to see if Dan Hooven would answer their bell to bell challenge
  • Keep in mind, no one thought Dan Hooven was going to show up to this, he had not been seen in Pennsylvania since Bulk issued the challenge…personally I had heard he was on a cruise ship with Diamond Joe Rogers in the hopes that this whole vendetta with Bulk would fade away
  • To the surprise of everyone in attendance, Dan Hooven did show up and him and Bulk put on a slugfest
  • To neutralize the interference of BC Steele, Santana Diamonds came to the aide of Hooven, and this distracted Bulk enough so that Hooven could pull out his secret weapon, a camera
  • Hooven used the flash setting on his camera to blind Bulk and get a rollup victory over the big bully..and what should be a decisive ending to their feud
  • Next up Plummer came out to call out Palace and Pollock to see who their War Games partners would be…Pollock chose his obvious Team Storm stablemates, JaXon Argos and RC Dupree
  • SIDE NOTE:  for real, RC Dupree is cutting the best promos right now outside of Fandango and Breeze’s Fashion Files segments
  • Team Storm laughed at Palace, who had no partners with him, until out came Jonathan Gresham…Team Storm attacked Palace and Gresham as they had a 3 on 2 advantage until out came someone who had not been in an IWC ring for over a year, the Tinder Assassin himself, Elizabeth PA’s own – Darin Dinero!!
  • War Games is set for Caged Fury, Team Storm vs Andrew Palace, Jonathan Gresham, and Darin Dinero – Gresham must be licking his chops at getting a chance to pound on Argos inside of a steel cage
  • In the main event, a match that had all the makings for a classic, John McChesney landed a clean and hard superkick onto Adam Cole to win the IWC Super Indy title for a sixth time
  • The match was noted for Cole taking McChesney to chinlock city, and for McChesney battling back from a severe shoulder injury incurred during the match, that had him grimacing in pain – not sure how Big League pulled this one out but he showed why he is the fabulous one…that being said…who wouldn’t want to see Big League and Cole go at it one more time in a 60 minute Broadway?

Overall a great night of wrestling with some surprises, a comeback, and an injury that leaves the future of the Super Indy title in question – if McChesney can’t defend next month against the mandatory challenger Anthony Henry, does Henry get a shot at someone else to earn the title much the same way LeRusso did last year?  Maybe Henry vs Cole vs LeRusso vs Couture?  Just throwing out money ideas for ya Plummer…you’re welcome.

The roster of the IWC is stacked these days…so I’m changing up my rankings.  Instead of the standard top 10 I have been doing…I’m doing top 10 rankings for the Heavyweight and Super Indy divisions, as well as keeping the top 5 rankings for tag teams and women. Enjoy, and heck state your rankings or flame mine in the comments section.

IWC Heavyweight Rankings
Champion:  Wardlow

  1. Officer Dan Murphy – he’s been wreaking havoc as of late and has a file on everyone, including Wardlow – so the IWC has been put on notice – there is indeed a Threat Level in place at IWC and it is Threat Level Murphy
  2. Jimmy Vega$ – gets his cage match in August, will this be his last shot at IWC gold?
  3. Andrew Palace
  4. Jack Pollock – Pollock and Palace get their payoff in a War Games match in August
  5. Dan Hooven – win after win over Bulk Nasty has this rookie on the rise
  6. Kingpin Brian McDowell – should always be in consideration for the title picture despite an extended absence
  7. Darin Dinero – back and better than ever
  8. Calvin Couture – don’t let his size fool you, he can bring it
  9. Bulk Nasty – still a tough opponent despite never ever being able to beat Dan Hooven
  10. Keith Haught – the Bear Cat having a solid year, needs a title shot at some point

IWC Super Indy rankings
Champion:  Big League John McChesney

  1. Anthony Henry – won a #1 contender’s match, so he gets the 1 spot
  2. Adam Cole – rematch?
  3. Chris LeRusso – came up just short in the contender’s match
  4. Gory – always needs to be in Super Indy title conversation
  5. Jonathan Gresham – cannot seem to get over the hump and get the gold, it’s coming though
  6. Santana Diamonds – has gone toe to toe with some of the bigger competitors in IWC, he can dive though…I’d like to see him in next year’s Super Indy
  7. DJ Z – still getting his bearings back after his major injury this year, I see him getting the belt back sooner than later
  8. Shane InYaFace – is the red, white, and blue a permanent look for Shane?
  9. Gringo Loco – this dude brings it, more of him please
  10. Plato Meramec – one of the smartest competitors on the roster, watch out for this guy

IWC Women’s Rankings
Champion:  LuFisto

  1. Ray Lyn – if you read my blog, you know why she’s at the 1 spot
  2. Britt Baker – she can’t be happy after losing the belt that she created
  3. Katie Arquette – huge challenge coming up for Katie
  4. Jinx – keeps on improving every time I see her
  5. Chelsea Green – need her back in an IWC ring asap

IWC Tag Team Rankings
Champions:  The Fraternity

  1. Team Storm – JaXon Argos and RC Dupree with a huge victory and it seems that Canada has the tag team division on lock
  2. Jami Jameson and Marshall the Bull – still have a guranteed shot at a title match that they earned in Beaver Falls, it will be cashed in by year’s end, but against who?
  3. The Upper Echelon – I have a feeling these guys want to answer The Fraternity’s challenge real bad, they are hungry
  4. The STD’s – get well soon Chest Flexor
  5. The Carnies – need to see these dudes back in town too

I know this was a lengthy read but there is tons going on in one of IWC’s best years since I’ve moved to town just over three years ago.

Be sure to catch up on all the goings on by purchasing some DVD’s or downloading some events from the official distributor of IWC events at http://www.indywrestling.us/

If you noticed last night, they had to add seating due to a high walk up crowd last night, so do not delay in purchasing your tickets for Caged Fury on Saturday, August 19th as well as keeping abreast of their schedule by visiting their website at http://iwcwrestling.com/

I am sadly going to miss Caged Fury next month due to a previously schedule vacation – but I do thank you for reading this review and hope to see you at the matches soon enough.