Indy Wrestling bloggers never truly retire…right?  But sometimes they do move on. Turns out I will be moving a few hours west, to the Columbus area, from the Pittsburgh area here in a few weeks.  My three years plus here in Western PA have been great ones for my silly little blog I created as a joke to put one of my buddies over in Tulsa a few years ago.  I’d like to thank all of you for reading along…end of day this is still a joke of a blog in which I try to put my friends over but I do try to be serious from time to time – because for my money there is no better experience than going down to a local wrestling show and seeing some grown men and women in tights throw each other around…..outside of this fifteen bucks I spent in Izmir one night but that is a whole other story.

As I did when I left Tulsa, I am ranking the top wrestlers and wrestling personalities during my stay here….unlike when I left Tulsa…I’m not stopping at 50 on my rankings…in the spirit of Don West I am doubling my list to 100 people for the same cost.

I definitely plan to be around and catch shows whenever I can in the Pittsburgh area…especially some of the bigger shows like Reloaded and Super Indy and Girl Fight and pretty much every Five Star Wrestling show.  

Thanks everyone who has read the blog, shared it, commented on it, told me I am insane and I have no clue what I’m talking about – you’ve all helped inspire me to keep this silly little rag going.

To the rankings, be forewarned I’m going out with no shame in my game:

  1. Andrew Palace – though I rarely cheer for him to win, these past few years I have seen him grow from some goofy dude with some magical goggles gimmick to a wrestler that gives his body and spirit to put on solid match upon solid match.  He gets bonus points for bringing a rabid fan base to the matches including that sexy girl with the tattoo sleeve.
  2. Justin Plummer – dude was gracious enough to endorse my blog and give me some exclusive interviews…stay tuned in 20 years or so me and him have a massive shoot interview planned, no holds barred
  3. Sorg – this ranking also goes to everyone involved with Sorgatron Media and the Mayhem Show podcast – this area should be thankful for the service and access to that service that Sorg and crew provide.  From producing DVD’s for IWC and RWA as well as interviewing local and national talent weekly, they do a lot behind the scenes to make the local wrestling scene accessible to fans.
  4. Corey Futuristic – Corey holds a special place for me because he was the first person I saw wrestle when I moved to this town.  Also, we pregamed once before a show so you know, bonus points.  
  5. Ray Lyn – not only is she a great wrestler, but she once gave me advice about staying true to my writing style that inspired and motivated me and is something I will always cherish.
  6. T-Rex – did you see how Bradley marked out when T-Rex appeared at Reloaded?  It was show stopping.
  7. Facade – dude always puts on a show…just like Palace he puts his body on the line no matter the crowd size and it is appreciated, a real great talent we have in the area.
  8. Gory – another one who gives his all at all times.
  9. Mempho Mofo – steals every show he is on with his badass charisma
  10. Jimmy Vega$ – I’m legit scared of this guy, thanks Sorg.
  11. Krystal Frost – the only girl that nearly made me have a heart attack on the spot, sweet holy sexiness.
  12. The Fraternity – Channing Decker and Trent Gibson – complete dominance of the tag team scene
  13. Big D Dave Kich – complete dominance of the announcing scene
  14. Nick Lendl – a Dave Kich understudy
  15. Shane Douglas – I met him at a convention when I first got here and he told me some cool stories.  He was always one of my favorite wrestlers, I was totally marking out.  Was able to see him wrestle for three different feds in town and marked out every single time.  Love the guy.
  16. Kingpin Brian McDowell – the first wrestler that really came up to me and thanked me for writing about IWC.  The funny story is, I had never written about him or met him, so it meant a lot that he told me that.
  17. Dan Hooven – from photographer to wrestling trendsetter – quite a journey this guy has had despite pulling the wool over my eyes time and time again.  He gets bonus points for destroying the Sorgatron Media table.  Up yours Rizz and Bobby.
  18. Calvin Couture – has brought nothing but pure sex appeal to the ring not seen since peak Adrian Adonis.
  19. Santana Diamonds – main evented the best card I saw in my time here…should be main eventing more often but some of these promoters keep dropping the ball with his untapped potential.  Ranked below Calvin because Calvin would squash him if and when they ever meet in a ring.
  20. Crusher Hansen – dudes gimmick is hilarious.  You have to go see him once.
  21. J-Rocc – GIVE IT UP ONE TIME!!!!
  22. Chris LeRusso – the pop he got at the last ROH show nearly took the walls off the building.  We’re lucky to see this superstar as often as we do.
  23. Sera Feeney – I got major lust in my eyes for Sera Feeney for real.  She carried the women’s four way match last year, wish I was around in the days when she was more active but I’d probably have a restraining order if that was the case.
  24. Officer Dan Murphy – Threat Level Murphy has arrived and the wrestling world has been put on notice.
  25. Darin Dinero’s hair – it’s damn near immaculate
  26. Joe Rosa w/Ashley – ok full disclosure…I just wanted to put Ashley on the list
  27. Dylan Bostic – gone too soon because the blonde bomber agreed to a dang loser leaves town match, gah!
  28. Big League John McChesney – works the merch booth better than anyone else, dude has sold me shirts two sizes too small for me, that is talent!
  29. Tommy Dreamer – when Dreamer won the IWC title I pissed my pants it was probably my second favorite moment during my time here
  30. Diamond Joe Rogers – hoagies and street fights, the man is a legend.
  31. Virgil – why do you guys keep letting him come to your shows?
  32. Bulk Nasty – if I didn’t put him on the list he said he was going to flush my head down the toilet at Court Time
  33. Wild Child Lee Ryans – when he came out from the curtains and lip locked some poor unsuspecting girl I said to myself – this is why I come to these damned shows!
  34. Angel Dust – without a doubt the most underrated female wrestler in the game
  35. CJ Sensation – would have ranked higher but lost points due to a complete lack of loyalty
  36. Wild West – first time I went to an RWA show these dudes got a pop that was equal parts Road Warriors and Von Erichs
  37. Wardlow – dominant force that I have never seen pinned so far as I recall.
  38. Jack Pollock – ranked below Wardlow until he can defeat him in the middle of the ring.  Bonus points for admitting that he enjoys comic books.
  39. Britt Baker – two words:  Queen B.
  40. Jessie Belle Smothers – the RWA version of Britt Baker
  41. Ginger – my favorite redhead since Sixteen Candles era Molly Ringwald
  42. Chest Flexor – as Joe Rogers once said, pound for pound one of the best wrestlers in the area.  He backs it up too as I’ve seen him in battle with guys that are three or four times bigger than him.  He’s like a scrappy little Wolverine, with a ponytail and shinier outfits.
  43. Dalton Castle – true story..I was walking past his merch table one time and he said hey man I have 2XL and I was like dude thanks for calling me fat and he said no man it is just that you have broad shoulders.  So yeah, he gets props for that save.
  44. RC Dupree – most artistic promos out there
  45. Jock Samson – best dabs in the industry, just ask the next guy on the list
  46. JaXon Argos – if you didn’t know he was voted IWC Rookie of the Year don’t worry, he’ll tell you
  47. DJ Z – has put on some battles for this area’s fans, and major props for his recent comeback from injury.  There is no stop in this guy.
  48. Su Yung – no woman better get in the ring with Su unless they want a brawl
  49. Jake Garrett – nice guy, hard worker, fierce competitor, great interviewee.
  50. Ricky Steamboat – dude let me (and many others) put on his Hall of Fame ring and take a picture with him in a ring!!
  51. Plato Meramac – a rising star…if I was here three more years he’d probably be at the #1 spot
  52. Ganon Jones Jr. – another big brute of a guy that I’m totally scared of.  Wasn’t a PA show but I saw him in Ohio vs Ricky Shane Page and it was a helluva match.
  53. Duke Davis – another big guy that I sadly have only seen a few times but I really like his energy.
  54. Maria Manic – my future ex-wife.
  55. Shawn Phoenix – a rising erm….phoenix in the area.  Another person I am just now getting to see wrestle live that I think has a huge future in this area and beyond.
  56. LuFisto – a legend that we are lucky to have wrestle in this area from time to time…speaking of…
  57. Katie Arquette – in just over half a year of ring experience she is about to have a cage match with LuFisto holy hell
  58. Jami Jameson – best and most devastating moonsault in the area, ask Chest Flexor what happens when he lands one on your head
  59. Dezmond Xavier – does not wrestle here enough…great to see him on Impact recently after the great matches he had here in 2016
  60. Keith Haught – the Bearcat is always full of energy and has no problem baring it all lemme tell ya
  61. Shane InYaFace – has had some good matches against LeRusso and was also in the infamous New Kens Street Fight so he gets points for that
  62. Jonathan Gresham – everyone will remember where they were the time they saw Gresham tap out LeRusso.  Gresham also had two great matches against Josh Alexander that were two of my top ranked matches in my time here.
  63. Chelsea Green – my buddy Justy Rhodes future ex-wife
  64. Upper Echelon (PB Smooth and Colby Redd) – the tag team that I foresee completely taking over the area and many other areas in the very near future
  65. EYFBO – really wish this tag team had more than one match in this area during my time here
  66. The Carnies – same for this tag team
  67. Dennis Gregory – I really like how this Founding Father would always bring alcohol to the ring but he loses points for never offering me any
  68. Remy Lavey – took me a bit to warm to Remy but he improves match upon match and you should really check out his work in PCW Cleveland to see a whole other side of Remy that is a bit more macabre
  69. Tess Valentine – put on a great show in her match vs Angel Dust in New Kens…and lately has been working the PWX scene.  A great rising talent
  70. Marshall Gambino – the enforcer of the area…a well respected street fighter
  71. Sonjay Dutt – have written my tales of Sonjay in other posts…we first connected back in Oklahoma, it’s always great seeing him
  72. Deonna Purrazzo – she is blowing up in Women of Honor and Shimmer lately but dang I’d like to see her back in a Western PA ring battling for a title
  73. Josh Alexander – the Super Indy title run that could have been will sadly be Josh’s story thanks to them dang border patrol agents
  74. David Lawless – the Gavel is another wrestler that I’m only just now getting to see and appreciate.  Bonus points for handing out business cards on the way to the ring.
  75. RJ City –  Dude is hilarious and talented but since he didn’t give Rizz a birthday shoutout on Twitter he lost a high ranking
  76. Justin Idol – always up for a good scrap, a wily veteran
  77. Jinx – perhaps the future of women’s wrestling in this area?  Outside of the ring she is always kind whenever I’ve run into her and that is definitely appreciated.
  78. Lee Moriarty – Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee! Lee!….
  79. Maxi Maxx – she loses points because her dang boyfriend is always at the shows, hanging at the merch table when I’m trying to get my lust on
  80. Billy Ruxpin – big dude that I ranked low because he gets to hang out with Corey more than I do
  81. Shane Taylor – speaking of big guys, lets get a Shane Taylor vs Billy Ruxpin match
  82. David Starr – only saw him once in town, and it was enough to make me a huge fan for life.  Dude oozes talent.
  83. Pepper Parks – true story, Pepper lost to me in a flex off….or maybe he was just feeling sorry for the fat out of shape mark that is me….
  84. Super Hentai – I never got to see peak two time Super Indy champ Hentai but I did buy the DVD’s so I could enjoy this local icon.  The few matches of his I did get to see I really enjoyed.
  85. Shirley Doe – thanks Shirley for signing my Super Indy I DVD.
  86. The Cogar Brothers – these dudes do not look it, but they are absolute beasts on the mat once the bell rings.  I was highly impressed with them the last time I got to see them.
  87. Edric Everhart – has put on great matches the few times I got to see him.  
  88. Londyn Ali – helping to spearhead the rising PWX women’s wrestling scene
  89. Matt Taven – real cool dude the times he was at IWC.  Missed a lot of time recovering from a leg injury but seems to be getting back to form.
  90. Amazing Maria – a tough competitor that will give any woman in this area a tough match
  91. BC Steele – I think BC is a little mean for making the wrestlers he manages wear his shirt and not theirs.  It doesn’t help that Bulk Nasty does not know how to read
  92. G-Raver – ranked low solely because I only got to see this madman wrestle the one time.  I’m totally scared of this guy as well.
  93. Cherry Bomb – she loses points not because of the limited work she has done in this area, but because she broke up Laurel Van Ness’s marriage on Impact.  (It’s still real to me)
  94. Renee Michelle – Shortly after I met her she ended up in the Mae Young Classic.  Renee if you are reading this, you’re welcome.
  95. The Rev Ron Hunt – bonus points for participating in the New Kensington Street Fight
  96. Sandman – didn’t get to see him wrestle, but getting to see him cane people and pour beer down fan’s throats was more than enough for me.
  97. EC3 – when I met EC3 at an Impact show I shook his hand and said ‘you’re the man’ and he replied ‘I am the man’ – I laughed, we bonded, he gets ranked.
  98. Marti Belle – Marti really digs my Dirty Dancing t-shirt.  
  99. Lewis – gotta give props to anyone who carries out a nerd gimmick the way Lewis does
  100. Adam Cole – meh, he has a few good moves.