IWC Summer Vacation Review

Fun night at International Wrestling Cartel’s (IWC) Summer Vacation last night.  Going to get right to the results and the rankings.

  • The event opened with a standoff between the four tag teams involved in the scramble match….there was a huge pop for Jami Jameson….to prevent all out warfare to start the evening, IWC head Justin Plummer came out and announced that the tag team scramble would be the main event of the evening, and that the winner of the match would get a shot at the tag team title when the company RETURNS to Beaver Falls in October
  • So right off the bat the fans from the area got good news that another event would be in their backyard
  • Also, Plummer stated that with all the tag teams spitting fire to one another, may as well make the main event a good old fashioned Beaver Falls Street Fight
  • SIDE NOTE:  Nice try by Plummer trying to capitalize on fellow promoter Diamond Joe Rogers historic New Kensington Street Fight from last year, but we all know that this is Diamond Joe’s world and we’re just living in it
  • Jack Pollock vs Keith Haught opened the in ring action for the night
  • SIDE NOTE:  Who wears the headband/man bun combo better – Jack Pollock or Andrew Palace fan Brad Kaylor?
  • With the help of RC Dupree, Pollock got the victory over the Bearcat
  • In a thrilling 10-12 minute long match, Gory defeated Sless Taylor – giving him two victories over Sless in as many months
  • Chris LeRusso rolled out of the way of a diving Beastman, and then hit him with an array of kicks, getting the victory over Beastman in Beastman’s IWC debut.  BC Steele up to his usual hijinks at ringside distracting the referee as much as he could and annoying the fans throughout the entire contest
  • All did not work out for the bad guys however, as Andrew Palace overcame RC Dupree’s interference and a nasty shot in the face with the Canadian flag by JaXon Argos – finally hitting his hernia driver and defeating Argos.
  • SIDE NOTE:  How did Palace kick out of that flag shot right to his skull?  Dude is one tough cookie.
  • Bulk Nasty defeated Santana Diamonds in a contest which saw Bulk tap out to the SaunMission (the deadly submission maneuver that Santana has been perfecting under the tutelage of an as yet unnamed jiu-jitsu master)
  • However, the referee’s back was turned while he was paying attention to Bulk’s road agent and math tutor BC Steele – allowing Bulk enough time to powerbomb Santana and get the victory
  • After the match, Bulk kept on stomping around the ring while BC Steele took the microphone and announced that he had $10,000 in the bag he was holding – and that at the July Threat Level Midnight show all Dan Hooven, Bulk’s nemesis these past few months, had to do to get the money was to show up
  • SIDE NOTE:  The stage is now set for a possible Bulk vs Hooven match to end their brutal feud in July…but will Hooven show up?  More importantly, where was Hooven last night?  Kaiju Big Battle was in town I hear…perhaps he was there?
  • In a non title match, Wardlow defeated Jimmy Vegas by countout…though Vegas had the match all but won despite Wardlow working over his leg…Vegas let his emotion get the best of him and he chased Wardlow’s manager Justin LaBar around the ring….losing track of time and space
  • Vegas had it with LaBar’s constant interference in the match, and went totally berserk, even though he had been counted out, he continued to pummel LaBar outside the ring – Wardlow did not want any of what looked like a crazed and maniacal Vegas – so he stayed in the ring until…
  • Jack Pollock jumped the ring barrier and attacked Wardlow…with the two of them battling each other until they were both behind the curtains
  • Vegas continued his Hulk Mode, and took out some referees and security staff before finally cooling down…leaving in his wake a mess of bodies and lawsuits and a knocked out cold referee and IWC Icon CJ Sensation in the middle of the ring
  • Justin Plummer looked on from ringside in utter disbelief at the carnage that Founding Father Vegas left behind
  • SIDE NOTE:  This knocks Vegas out of the heavyweight title match in July….leaving us with Pollock and Team Storm against Wardlow and Justin LaBar for all the gold and the fans wondering just who to cheer for
  • Katie Arquette used the old ‘I lost my contact’ routine to distract and defeat Jinx in a women’s contest
  • SIDE NOTE:  I tried to flirt with Katie after the event but I was standing by another fan, aka Jeff, so I had no chance at all with him around
  • The main event was wild – and ended up being my match of the night, loads of action so here are some highlights
    • Officer Dan Murphy’s mystery tag team partner was announced as the debuting Gavel, the Flawless David Lawless
    • This made up an intriguing possibly new tag team for the IWC, Law and Order
    • Murphy and Lawless worked fairly well together throughout the match
    • The match quickly lost control and became an all out brawl after a few minutes
    • The Upper Echelon took some early momentum attacking the Sexy Talented Dudes (STDs) with kendo sticks
    • Corey Futuristic and Jami Jameson took the action to the Beaver Falls Middle School bleacher, trading blows on top of the basketball floor opening
    • Just a few rows from the top of the arena floor, Jameson knocked Cory to the ground, at least a 20 to 30 foot drop…luckily the rest of the combatants were brawling on the court floor and Corey landed on them
    • Corey is a highly experienced street fighter in his own right, having gotten the pinfall in the famed New Kensington Street Fight that I will never stop talking about
    • After knocking Jameson off the top of the arena, and in the move of the night, Jami Jameson moonsaulted onto the rest of the tag teams FROM THE TOP OF THE ARENA
    • I have always said it will be dangerous should Jameson ever land his moonsault, I just never thought he’d land it from the top of an arena onto half a dozen wrestlers – just unbelievable
    • After that fracas settled down, Officer Dan Murphy handcuffed PB Smooth to the ring ropes, and Murphy and Lawless were able to get the pin on Colby Redd, eliminating the Upper Echelon from the scramble
    • Corey and Chest Flexor then hit the ring to battle Law and Order
    • Lawless hit Corey with his gavel, then pinned Corey to eliminate the STD’s
    • Officer Murphy backdropped Jameson into a ladder, and then he tried to take Marshall the Bull out with a chair, but Marshall ducked and Murphy his his partner Lawless with the chair instead
    • Marshall then DDT’d Murphy headfirst into a chair that was on the ring apron, and then stuck Murphy underneath the ladder
    • Marshall and Jameson took turns splashing onto the ladder, crushing in Murphy’s chest, and Jameson got the final pin on Murphy – making Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson the winners of the match and guaranteeing them a future tag team title shot

Overall a fun evening of wrestling – setting up some good events down the road, and with that here is the return of my rankings

IWC Heavyweight Champion:  Wardlow
IWC Super Indy Champion:  Adam Cole
IWC Tag Team Champions:  The Fraternity
IWC Women’s Champion:  Britt Baker

Singles rankings – prior rankings in parentheses

  1. Jack Pollock (4) – has his title shot, time to see what he will do with it
  2. Jonathan Gresham (NR) – huge night at Super Indy, will he get another shot at Super Indy gold in July?
  3. Andrew Palace (2) – always in the hunt for either the Heavyweight or Super Indy title
  4. Chris LeRusso (NR) – finds himself in the rankings after losing his Super Indy title
  5. Gory (7) – back to back wins over a game Sless Taylor – perhaps a Super Indy shot for him down the line?
  6. Daniel Hooven (9) – win over Bulk in May moves him up a bit
  7. Bulk Nasty (6) – nice win over Santana but still has to defeat Hooven to gain ground so he drops in the rankings
  8. John McChesney (5) – has not been at the last two events, hoping he is at the July event
  9. Jimmy Vegas (1) – lost his mind and a chance at the title he wants one last time, how will he rebound from this?
  10. Santana Diamonds (8) – losses to Jameson and Bulk in recent events is causing Santana to regroup in the sauna for a bit

Tag Team Rankings – basing rankings on how the scramble played out

  1. Marshall the Bull and Jami Jameson – earned a spot winning a tough scramble match
  2. Law and Order – Officer Dan Murphy and the Gavel, Flawless David Lawless
  3. The STD’s – question – where are my boys Lee Ryans and Brian McDowell at?
  4. The Upper Echelon – really want to see these guys unleashed against the Fraternity at some point
  5. The Mega Plowers – given the edge in the top five over Team Storm due to their victory over Team Storm

Women’s rankings:

  1. Ray Lyn – a given
  2. Katie Arquette – by virtue of defeating Jinx
  3. Jinx – Jinx was valiant in defeat however, and won’t fall for any more of Katie’s tricks in the future
  4. Chelsea Green – be still my heart
  5. Shotzi Blackheart – collecting victories literally across the globe right now, need her back asap

As always, thanks for reading – be sure to follow along with any action you may have missed by downloading the events or ordering the DVD’s at

There are also some good podcast interviews at – including some recent ones by folks like the Gavel, Jinx, and Vegas that I highly recommend

Be sure to keep abreast of all the goings on at the IWC – start at their website where you can pre-order tickets to events but also link to their other social medias on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Bumble, and Dan Hooven’s Snapchat – all those links and more can be found at the site.

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IWC Summer Vacation Preview

I know it has been less than two weeks since everyone was on a high from International Wrestling Cartel’s (IWC) Super Indy tournament…but as all of you fans of such bands as Len and LFO know…..Summertime is here and we have got to keep the party going.  Speaking of parties…you may want to get to IWC’s July event early is all I’m gonna say.

As I like to do, and by no means do I want to steal anyone’s sunshine here – here are the predictions for this weekend’s upcoming IWC Summer Vacation event – being held in beautiful Beaver Falls – ticket info at the end of the post.

  • Bulk Nasty will lose by countout to Santana Diamonds…repeating what he did in his recent loss against Dan Hooven…perhaps Bulk needs to go to Summer School instead of the wrestling ring?
  • Two words:  rematch.  In this one I’ve got Sless Taylor defeating Gory in what will no doubt be match of the night for all them flippy wrestling lovers out there.
  • Look for Keith Haught to defeat Jack Pollock.  Pollock will almost certainly have Team Storm stablemates JaXon Argos and RC Dupree at ringside with him…but Keith will have the power of all the Bearcat-Maniacs behind him and win this one for Remy.
  • In a match that will determine for me who will get the #2 spot in my IWC women’s rankings (the #1 spot being reserved for Ray Lyn until she gets a title shot, fyi) – I’ve got Katie Arquette defeating Jinx.  
  • SIDE NOTE:  It seems that some of the staff at Sorgatron Media focus more on Katie’s behind than on her wrestling when they are filming her matches…but who can blame them?
  • Andrew Palace will be taking on JaXon Argos pretty much in his backyard….in keeping with wrestling tradition of top heroes losing in their hometowns, I’ve got Argos winning this one with a little help from his pals Pollock and Dupree.
  • SIDE NOTE:  How come Dupree isn’t booked on this event?  His psychedelic promos are fun to watch…especially after I’ve had one too many Yvengling.
  • There will be a tag team scramble match featuring The Upper Echelon vs Marshall Gambino and Jami Jameson vs The Sexy Talented Dudes vs Officer Dan Murphy and a mystery partner.
  • Now, since I do not know the mystery partner, I cannot speculate on who will win the match, but I will speculate on who the mystery partner will be….you see…if you are having a tag team scramble match, there is only one person who needs to be in one of them tag teams…we’re talking about the IWC Icon J Rocc Daddy!
  • Chris LeRusso will be taking on IWC newcomer Beastman.  I’ve seen Beastman once and he brings a brutal big man style of wrestling to the game…but LeRusso is hot after his submission loss to Jonathan Gresham at Super Indy…and Beastman would be better off watching cinematic classic Beastmaster than facing LeRusso this weekend lemme tell ya.  Look for LeRusso to win.  LeRusso’s manager BC Steele won’t even have to interfere in this one.
  • Lots on stake in the main event, in a non title match, Jimmy Vegas will be taking on Wardlow.  If Vegas wins, he gets put into the Heavyweight title match at the July Threat Level Midnight event…if he loses…he may never get a shot at IWC Heavyweight gold again.  Wardlow hasn’t lost since the last time I went on a date…will Vegas be the one to finally get a victory over Wardlow?  
  • I say yes…and not just because I am deathly afraid of Jimmy Vegas…I think Vegas is focused on proving there is still some gas in his motorcyle, and despite what will be obligatory interference by Justin LaBar – it won’t be enough to keep Wardlow’s streak alive.
  • I’ve got Vegas pinning Wardlow and thus making the July main event a three way dance for the strap between Wardlow, Jack Pollock, and the One Man Riot Jimmy Vegas.

Make sure to download some of the previous IWC events that got us to these matches by making some purchases at

If I’m not mistaken I think Super Indy is available to download now – I highly suggest watching both The Road to Super Indy and Super Indy if you have not already as a way to catch up with what will be going down at Summer Vacation.

The event will be at Beaver Falls Middle School…you northsiders out there who say Elizabeth is too far of a drive…no excuses this weekend.  Tickets are still available but going fast – purchase them and get all the event info at

Thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the matches.


Super Indy 16 Review – aka Of Chinlocks, Eye Lashes, and Rogue Hair Extensions….

Super Indy 16 was as good a card as I’ve seen yet at International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) – I’m partial to the Reloaded surprises these past few years – but every match was in consideration for Match of the Night at some point…more on that later.  Be ready to order the DVD on this one when it comes out folks.  

Quick note – I’m not the best at match recaps as far as he did a spinning toehold into a dropkick moonsault thingie…so the summary I’m about to give does not do justice to the pure wrestling that was on display – buy the DVD!

To the results:

  • Ran into ‘Swaggy’ Nick Lendl before the event, huge news from him is that he was recently named the ring announcer for the Monster Factory.  Huge congratulations to him as he has done nothing but work hard to follow his dreams and try his hardest to live up to being half as good as Boy Gone Wild Big D Dave Kich
  • In the opening contest, Adam Cole defeated DJ Z.  Z was fresh off an operation but showed no signs of ring rust.  After the match Z stated he was not at 100% but one could not tell…I totally blanked and forgot to get one of Z’s limited edition hand painted action figures – Z if you are reading this please bring more next show!
  • SIDE NOTE:  where can I get DJ Z’s light up body armor?  I can probably impress some girls if I wore that around Target or something…
  • Joey Janela defeated Colt Cabana coming off the top rope with a double stomp.  Colt was up to his usual in ring pranks but was unable to take out the Bad Boy.
  • Jonathan Gresham locked Jay White in his octopus submission to advance.  This was the cleanest match of the evening for sure…and would have been Match of the Night on any other evening.
  • After some interference by Bulk Nasty and BC Steele, Chris LeRusso was able to advance out of the first round by defeating the Green Machine Mike Orlando
  • Steele threw some powder in Orlando’s face, which was the only way to stop Orlando from completely destroying LeRusso’s soul
  • Adam Cole defeated Joey Janela in what honestly would have been my Match of the Night except (fade to SIDE NOTE…)
  • SIDE NOTE:  Joey Janela did not come out to the ring entrance music of Corona’s smash 90’s hit “Rhythm of the Night”
  • Since Janela went back on what he promised me on Twitter – I have no choice but to knock this match down a few points in my highly scientific wrestling match rating system
  • SIDE NOTE:  In my own personal botch of the night – I totally forgot to talk to Janela after the show about that silly Twitter promise
  • Cole’s arm got dinged up during the Janela match…more on that later
  • In perhaps the biggest upset I’ve seen in quite awhile, Jonathan Gresham defeated Chris LeRusso…submitting him to boot – this got a huge applause from the crowd and set up a Cole vs Gresham main event
  • Though BC Steele was at ringside for this match..Bulk Nasty was not…which makes me wonder – outside of Diamond Joe Rogers..was all of LeRusso’s success due to having Bulk by his side?
  • And where was Bulk during the match anyway?  One report I received told me that he was off chasing a white Cadillac in search of his revenge on Dan Hooven…but I have not completely confirmed this
  • Wardlow and Jack Pollock defeated Andrew Palace and Jimmy Vegas in a tag team match that ended up being pure pandemonium inside and outside of the ring.  Palace destroyed Pollock, tossing him and slamming his head in the bleachers by where I was sitting – I only assume Vegas was giving it to Wardlow on the other side of the ring – was too much to keep up with
  • Team Storm, RC Dupree and JaXon Argos kept Vegas at bay so that Wardlow could land his White Flag finisher onto Palace
  • When Wardlow went for the pin on Palace, Pollock pushed him aside and pinned Palace himself
  • This caused much disdain on the face of Wardlow….bad move Pollock
  • After the match, IWC head honcho Justin Plummer stated that in July Pollock would get what he wanted, a match for the Heavyweight title against Wardlow – so Wardlow promptly slammed Pollock with the White Flag and reminded everyone who the top dog was
  • SIDE NOTE:  Where does RC Dupree get his sunglasses….are those Oakley’s?
  • In the first match I have ever seen in which there were eyelash and hair extension malfunctions – Britt Baker retained her IWC Women’s title by defeating Penelope Ford – Penelope proved a tough competitor, nearly landing a Hurricane Kronus (handspring back elbow) but Britt was able to avoid and capitalize 
  • Britt locked on the Brittmission while her extensions watched from one of the corners – Britt was really happy this happened in Elizabeth and not on the South Side because them Basic girls would never have let her live this one down
  • SIDE NOTE:  Unlike other promotions, the women’s title matches at IWC this year have been 10 minute plus matches – kudos to the IWC for the continued build and development of this division
  • In the main event – the de facto Match of the Night – after 25 minutes and 22 seconds, Adam Cole defeated Jonathan Gresham to become your new IWC Super Indy champion – this match saw a number of near falls, technical wrestling, brawling, high flying maneuvers, and much like his previous attempts, Gresham was just half a second short from capturing Super Indy gold – doing a great job working on Cole’s damaged arm throughout the match – Cole was able to counter by working over Gresham’s leg, which slowed Gresham down just enough for Cole to capitalize

    Amazing card all around and the internet proclaimed hottest free agent in wrestling is now a current IWC champion.  This changes the landscape a bit as there will be wrestlers far and wide making the trip to Pittsburgh for a shot to take down Adam Cole.  I definitely think a rematch between a fresh Cole and a fresh Gresham would be amazing….but I’m sure the Heir Apparent Chris LeRusso has some things to say about all this.

    Super Indy may be done….but there is still a lot more debt to be settled inside the ring as IWC continues a landmark year…..with an event in just TWO WEEKS – June 24th IWC is going to Beaver Falls Middle School with their Summer Vacation card –

We’ve got some exclusive match announcements for that event right here on Breaking TreyFabe (as always, card subject to change) –

  • Gory will be taking on Sless Taylor in a rematch from Road to Super Indy – this match is basically going to be a continuation of the wrestling we saw at Super Indy
  • Jinx will be taking on Katie Arquette – this match could very well be for the #1 contender for Britt’s women’s title honestly – look for both of these women to be out to prove a point
  • In a rematch of a match that lasted but seconds last time – Jack Pollock will be taking on Shane InYaFace – Pollock no showed when they were to face off last time and Shane got a countout victory…will Pollock show this time?
  • Jimmy Vegas will take on Wardlow with the added stipulation that if Vegas wins, the July match will be a Three Way Dance for the IWC Heavyweight match between Wardlow, Jack Pollock, and Jimmy Vegas

Speaking of July….last year’s July show was rated by many as the IWC Card of the Year – (I was out of the country and missed it, of course) – this year, on July 22nd, IWC returns to Elizabeth for Threat Level Midnight – on the poster for the card are DJ Z!! Jonathan Gresham! Adam Cole! Anthony Henry! the Wounded Owl Lufisto! Britt Baker! – and of course Wardlow vs Jack Pollock!

Be SURE to order the DVD of Super Indy, or download it the second it hits the streets – it will be available at

Make sure to follow IWC on their various social medias – you can start by linking to all their info and purchasing tickets in advance at their website

Feel free to follow me on the Twitters @treygar – and I’ll see you at the matches.


Super Indy 16 Preview

Super Indy 16 is in just a few days (Saturday, June 10th) at the renowned Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA.  I could go on and on about how Super Indy is one of, if not the top, wrestling tournaments in the United States and beyond.  (Maybe BOLA and King of Trios is better, but that is a whole other debate).

This year’s event is loaded with talent, the brackets are intriguing (again, not the way I’d put the brackets but IWC head Justin Plummer is known not to listen to me – which is why I’ve taken a position on the booking committee of Five Star Wrestling, that’s a whole other story) – as well as some intriguing additional matches.

As I do, here are some previews and predictions of what is in store, hope to see you all there:

  • It has been announced a national television program will be on hand filming at Super Indy this year – there has been some funny guesses online ranging from Cops to To Catch a Predator to Dance Moms…but I have it on good authority that the mystery program will be none other than Sabado Gigante con Don Francisco!
  • To all those going, make sure to be loud, bring signs, bring streamers, make some noise – and GIVE IT UP ONE TIME!!!
  • Though Bulk Nasty is not on the card he will be on hand selling baked goods.  He has been watching a lot of Cupcake Wars lately and this has inspired him to pursue his dream to open up Bulk Pastries….opening soon in Shadyside
  • A masked luchador known only as Fujito has vowed to take out the Sorgatron Media DVD table if Bobby and Rizz talk too much trash

There will be matches too….

  • In an IWC Women’s Title match – I’ve got Britt Baker retaining her title by defeating Penelope Ford, who will be making her IWC debut, should be a great match
  • In a grudge tag team contest – as much as I’d love to pull for Andrew Palace and Jimmy Vegas – one cannot deny the influence of outside interference by the team they will be facing – Jack Pollock and IWC Heavyweight Champion Wardlow.  Pollock has Team Storm by his side and Wardlow has Justin LaBar.  Unless Palace and Vegas can find someone to keep the interference at bay I’ve got Pollock and Wardlow winning this one – maybe Palace’s old pals the STD’s can come nullify Team Storm?  
  • In opening round action of the Super Indy tournament I have DJ Z defeating Adam Cole.  I know what you’re saying – Z is coming off an injury, this being his first match back – and Cole is hot right now.  But much like I’m not choosing the best team to win the tag match, I’m not choosing the on paper best man to win this match due to outside interference.  I see Chris LeRusso and BC Steele pulling some hijinks to distract Cole and cause Z to win via countout.
  • Joey Janela vs Colt Cabana is a first time ever match between the two per what I read on another site – and I am really hoping that we get Janela doing some moonsault type move off the top of the balcony by them arcade games that my buddy Justy Rhodes always wants to play – because the dude is insane!  His Spring Break card was one of the best booked cards of the year – and for that I have him beating Cabana and advancing.
  • I’ve got outside interference playing a huge role in this Super Indy, which is a shame, but it makes it a bit fun.  That being said, I have Jay White defeating Jonathan Gresham after JaXon Argos trips up Gresham.  JaXon is upset at Gresham for taking his Super Indy spot and has vowed to do something about it.  Costing Gresham a shot at the Super Indy title would definitely be some measure of revenge….and set up a Gresham vs Argos match….at Caged Fury!!
  • In the final opening round match, I have Mike Orlando defeating Chris LeRusso.  Just as LeRusso will cost Adam Cole a shot at Super Indy gold…Cole will return the favor and superkick another one of LeRusso’s teeth to McKeesport.
  • In the semi-finals I have DJ Z defeating Joey Janela in what may very well be the match of the night
  • I also have Mike Orlando defeating Jay White by the narrowest of margins
  • In the main event, and in his first night of wrestling after a life threatening injury, I have DJ Z defeating Mike Orlando and becoming the Super Indy champion.
  • Now, in a very scientific and exact poll online – the results show that I am wrong and Bradley Ruthers will be the next Super Indy champion….and while I don’t think anyone would mind that…Bradley has assured me that he seeks tag team gold – and that The Fraternity better watch out for him and his tag team partner – T Rex
  • I was going to go the popular route and state that the brackets are made for LeRusso and Cole to meet in the main event…but that is too predictable…and the IWC is anything but predictable….so this could literally go anywhere.  No one I know predicted Gresham vs Alexander last year – and that is the beauty of the Super Indy tournament – expect the unexpected and enjoy some great wrestling

To catch up on what got us to Super Indy and the other matches on the card – make sure to download past IWC events at

They have opened up some more reserved seating for the event, as the initial round of reserved seating has SOLD OUT – so get your reserved or general admission seating TODAY at

Thanks for reading, put your predictions in the comments, and see you at the matches!


PWX Burgh Brawl Review

Though I’ve mainly only supported IWC and RWA in the Pittsburgh area (though I’ve checked out one off shows by VOW, GFW, and of course the legendary New Kens BCW show)…I have been keeping an eye these past few months on PWX.  Since a buddy of mine was down to go and I had a free night I finally made it out to this past weekend’s PWX Burgh Brawl event.

Full disclaimer, I do not know much about the storylines at PWX so my comments are not as in depth as what you may be used to reading from me.

Quick results and commentary:

  • Justin Idol defeated Christian Black in the opening contest, retaining his Golden Ticket which I discovered is similar to the Money in the Bank briefcase…except only smaller
  • Stryder w/Sylvia (a valet to nearly every heel on the roster) defeated Don Christopher to retain his Three Rivers title  
  • It was my first time seeing a rugby ball play a part in the finish of a match, so that was neat
  • Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr. w/Sylvia issued an open challenge for their tag team belts – even calling out Demolition
  • The Cogar Brothers (who I had seen in PCW Cleveland) answered the challenge and the two teams brawled in what was the match of the night – a match that ended in a no contest as the two teams just kept on giving it to each other not listening to the refs orders to break it up when there was no good take on who were the legal men in the ring 
  • SIDE NOTE:  Duke and Ganon are beasts, got to see Ganon take on Ricky Shane Page earlier this year so knew about him, Duke is just as intimidating
  • I had seen the Cogar Brothers earlier this year at another fed and seeing them in June I have to tell you, they have improved loads since when I saw them…keep an eye on this team
  • Even though Demolition did not show up to answer the open challenge – they will be in the area in July at legendary wrestling promoter Diamond Joe’s Five Star Hoagie shop in Butler.  Follow them on Facebook for more information
  • Crusher Hansen defeated Ryan Reign to win the PWX TV title – I had never seen Hansen before and he acts as his own official for his own match – which is a thing of beauty to watch.  Hilarious stuff I was dying while watching this match
  • After the match Reign clotheslined Hansen…
  • Causing Justin Idol to cash in his ticket and pin Hansen – making him not  only the new TV champion but according to ring announcer Hank he is now only the 7th Grand Slam Champion in PWX’s long and illustrious history – so that was cool to watch
  • Kato w/Sylvia defeated David Lawless to retain his PWX Interim Heavyweight Title.  The title was given on the interim to Kato earlier in the night I think because the previous champion is injured or has no showed too much or something, I missed how that went down.  
  • This was a good match and Lawless has a great handle of his character and the crowd is really behind him as a sort of anti-hero – extra bonus, as he is The Gavel, he hands out cards before the match for anyone wishing to put him on a retainer for legal services
  • In a quick match, Silas Morgan defeated Destin Vaine…Vaine was saving himself for the main event it seemed and took a countout loss…more on this later
  • In a three way women’s match, Madi Maxx defeated Renee Michelle and Londyn Ali.  Solo Darling was booked originally in this match as well, but was sadly not in the building – this match felt too short for a three way dance between some young up and coming talent
  • SIDE NOTE:  To all indy promoters, as this has happened to me at least three times this year – if you have a traveling wrestler who cancels for some reason please take the fans into consideration and give us a heads up on said cancellation.  You may lose a paying customer for one night, but you gain long term trust, which is worth way more
  • In a 22 man Burgh Brawl (Royal Rumble-ish match), Drake Braddock was the last one standing in the ring and is the 2017 winner of the Burgh Brawl.  This gets him a Heavyweight title shot
  • Some highlights from the battle royale include
  • Patrick Hayes being the first entry and staying until close to the end
  • An appearance by Shirley Doe
  • Lewis eliminating Duke Davis and Ganon Jones Jr, much to the dismay of Duke and Ganon’s loyal fans that were sitting a few seats down from me
  • Destin Vaine entering as the final combatant…and then getting promptly eliminated a la Santino and Warlord
  • Lee Moriarty seemed on the verge of winning the match but Stryder, who had already been eliminated, came back into the ring and eliminated Lee as the referees were distracted
  • After the match a girl in a formal dress came out and did interviews while some of the talent came out for pictures and merch
  • SIDE NOTE:  who is this girl in the formal dress?  Is she single?  If single, how low are her standards?  Asking for a friend who has some serious lust in his eyes….

All in all a solid evening of wrestling, and I would make a return to the arena if my schedule was clear.  I wish the talent was available more pre-show for autographs and merch, just as I wish the women had more time on the show.  

To keep abreast of PWX, follow them on Twitter @PWXProWrestling or their website

David Lawless was recently on my favorite podcast, the Wrestling Mayhem Show/Indy Mayhem Show, you can catch up with that interview and listen to many other interviews of wrestlers far and wide here:

Feel free to follow me at this blog or read my randomly published women’s wrestling column at

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the matches.

IWC AfterShock Vol 2 Review

Here’s one way to sum up the International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) this year – don’t miss a show because you NEVER know what will happen or WHO will show up.  AfterShock Volume 2, the Road to Super Indy, held last night in Elizabeth, PA was no exception.  

First off though – Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there…it’s good to see the mother’s of some of the wrestlers out there still cheering for their overgrown kids in tights…often as loud as us semi-serious faithful fans.  You know who you are – keep up the good work!

Going to do a quick recap of the show, include sidenotes, inside jokes, and follow it up with a return of my rankings (as voted upon by Breaking TreyFabe staff members at a secret meeting this morning held at an undisclosed washateria in Canonsburg).  

  • In the opening match, a highly contested over ten minute contest, Britt Baker retained her IWC Women’s title over Chelsea Green – Britt with some stiff strikes to the face before locking in her submission – this match better than the one they had at Reloaded and I thought Chelsea’s top rope missile drop kick (she has one of the top 3 in the business) was going to give her the victory
  • SIDENOTE:  I don’t often cross promote but Chelsea’s Bridezilla character in Impact Wrestling has been one of my favorite things in wrestling this year – it is some serious telenovela level craziness that you MUST watch
  • In a huge upset, Daniel Hooven started his singles career with a victory over Bulk Nasty.  Bulk pulverized Hooven for a majority of the match, and was killing him outside of the ring.  Problem is, Bulk threw Hooven into the ring as the referee was counting to ten – and Bulk was still outside the ring causing Hooven to win via countout – a rookie mistake and Bulk is not a rookie…tsk tsk
  • SIDENOTE:  Bulk chased Hooven out of the arena…last word was that Hooven got into a white Cadillac and sped away….more on this as it develops
  • In my Match of the Night – The Fraternity defeated The Carnies, who were making their IWC debut – lots of back and forth action in this one but The Fraternity were able to distract the referee just enough to spit beer in The Carnies eyes and land their Keg Stand for the victory
  • The Fraternity seem unbeatable….they’ve already got the IWC tag team record as far as days holding the tag title….they may be going for Moolah or Sammartino levels of record breaking unless a tag team steps up their game
  • SIDENOTE:  Huge shout out to the fans that had large cardboard cutout faces of Brad Ruthers and IWC Hall of Famer the Kingpin Brian McDowell.
  • Shane InYaFace got a countout victory over Jack Pollock – who was a no show.  Rumours were flying around during intermission that Pollock may have been watching the hockey game on the South Side…deported…helping Sorg film race cars in Michigan..or just plain scared of being tapped out by Shane
  • In a great 2 out of 3 falls match – Chris LeRusso won the Super Indy title back from Big League John McChesney
  • LeRusso took fall number one with a frog splash
  • McChesney took fall number two after landing two of his patented superkicks
  • Britt Baker was in Big League’s corner to neutralize BC Steele…but it didn’t quite work out
  • In a quick sequence, BC threw a chair into the ring, but Britt got in the ring and knocked BC Dork clear to West Newton….LeRusso kneed a distracted Britt in the face….as Big League checked on Britt, this gave LeRusso the opportunity to get a rollup victory (with a bit of leverage help from the middle rope) and gain the coveted third fall, the Super Indy title, and a spot in the Super Indy tournament
  • After the match, LeRusso wanted to pound Big League’s face in with a chair, tying him to the ropes but then the lights went out and out came ADAM COLE for the save
  • Adam Cole delivered a superkick to LeRusso that sent one of his teeth flying all the way to Altoona – and Cole then asked for, and received, the final spot in next month’s Super Indy tournament – INSANITY!
  • In another grudge match – the Mega Plowers defeated Team Storm of JaXon Argos (by contract I have to add that Argos is the IWC 2016 Rookie of the Year) and RC Dupree.  JaXon was too aggressive, and he could have pinned Magnum CK after finally being successful with the JaXon Five…but he went for the JaXon Six and that messed up everything for Team Storm…eventually leading to Jock Samson pinning Argos
  • The high flying death defying electrifying match of the evening saw Gory and Sless Taylor land spot after spot before Gory got a pinfall victory….would not mind seeing this match happen again
  • Country Hammer Jami Jameson, with Marshall the Bull in his corner, defeated Santana Diamonds.  Santana had Jami in a nice submission move but Jameson found a little bit of extra strength in his large frame to land a nice power bomb maneuver on Diamonds and get the pinfall victory
  • The win was not without controversy…from my vantage point it looked like Diamonds kicked out
  • SIDENOTE:  Before the match Santana put some of his chains round announcer Nick Lendl’s neck…giving Nick the swag that he had always coveted…swag which is usually reserved for the other IWC ring announcer, Big D Dave Kich
  • SIDENOTE:  CJ Sensation did a great job refereeing contests throughout the evening, talked with him briefly during intermission and he is a great person as well…if there are any single mothers that bartend in the Elizabeth area I highly recommend CJ as a guy who would have lust in his eyes for you and treat you right
  • Before the main event could begin…Team Storm, this time joined by their leader Jack Pollock, brutally attacked Andrew Palace….I witnessed three chair shots by Pollock on to Palace right in front of me
  • SIDENOTE:  It would have been nice to see Palace’s ex-stablemates the Sexy Talented Dudes come out and help Palace out a bit…..where were you at fellas?
  • The ring doctor came out and stated that Palace was unfit to wrestle
  • Wardlow then came out with his cronie Justin LaBar and flexed and posed with his IWC Heavyweight belt, thinking he was going to have an easy night
  • In my head, and I’m sure Bradley Ruthers was hoping the same thing – I was thinking that T-Rex was going to come out as a surprise to rematch Wardlow….but somehow Palace crawled his way back into the ring, a glutton for punishment
  • Palace took a lot of abuse but was able to mount a small comeback
  • LaBar took a tool from under the ring and removed one of the corner ringpads so that Wardlow could slam Andrew’s face into it
  • SIDENOTE:  People at IWC always seem to find exactly what they are looking for underneath the ring…I’m wondering if perhaps next time someone reaches under there they can find me a girl that will go to Burgatory with me
  • Palace was able to reverse things and it was Wardlow who had his face slammed into the unguarded ringpost….but Wardlow kicked out of one of Palace’s patented hernia drivers – something that is usually impossible to do…but Wardlow is no mere mortal
  • Wardlow then landed his White Flag finisher to get the pin on Palace and retain his title
  • After the match, Wardlow and LaBar continued to beat on Palace until he was saved by a returning Jimmy Vegas!!!
  • Overall a great night of matches, plenty of surprises, and plenty of feuds still left to be played out
  • FINAL SIDENOTE:  Jimmy Vegas remains one of the few wrestlers I am physically scared of, dude is a beast – I’d watch the eff out if I was Wardlow

Rankings time –

IWC Heavyweight Champion:  Wardlow
IWC Super Indy Champion:  Chris LeRusso
IWC Tag Team Champions:  The Fraternity
IWC Women’s Champion:  Britt Baker

Singles rankings – previous rankings in parentheses:

1.  Jimmy Vegas (NR) – he’s coming for the gold now Wardlow
2.  Andrew Palace (3) – valiant in defeat
3.  Shane InYaFace (5) – a win is a win – he’s gone toe to toe with LeRusso, and Pollock wanted nothing to do with him
4.  Jack Pollock (4) – despite a no show, still a dangerous opponent
5.  John McChesney (6) – where does Big League go from here?  He can compete in any of the divisions…perhaps he gets the Super Indy tournament winner in July?
6.  Bulk Nasty (7) – have a feeling he is not done with Hooven
7.  Gory (NR) – quietly having a solid year in the IWC – look for him to be on title hunt soon
8.  Santana Diamonds (9) – steadily moving up the charts
9.  Daniel Hooven (8) – down a slight tick even though he won Bulk did chase him from the arena…there has to be something up with that Cadillac though…
10.  Adam Cole (NR) – though he has a stunning list of accomplishments including becoming the first 3 time ROH champion, longest reigning PWG champion, and even a Meltzer rated 5 star match under his belt – he’s in the IWC now and he’ll have to move up the rankings just like everybody else!  You’re in TreyFabe land now Bay Bay!

Tag Team Rankings are as follows:

1.  The Mega Plowers – cemented themselves as top tag team with a good victory over Team Storm
2.  The Carnies – definitely deserving of a rematch
3.  The Upper Echelon – would like to see what they could do against The Fraternity if given the chance
4.  Team Storm – need to regroup after the last beating by the Dab King
5.  Jami Jameson and Marshall the Bull – under Marshall’s tutelage, Jameson has become a force, perhaps a mixture of old school with young blood is what it takes to beat The Fraternity?

Women’s Rankings are as follows:

1.  Ray Lyn – until Plummer gives me the Ray Lyn vs Britt Baker cage match that I want, Ray Lyn will remain in the #1 ranking spot
2.  Chelsea Green – so close to winning the title last night….but she’s already won the heart of my sidekick Justy Rhodes so really she’s a champ already
3.  Katie Arquette – be still my heart
4.  Jinx – we probably need a Jinx vs Arquette #1 contender’s match at this point
5.  Shotzi Blackheart – not seen since the battle royal – for those that keep track though Shotzi has been collecting women’s titles literally all across the country as if she is Ultimo Dragon.  Maybe she can be the one to take down the Queen B

In case you haven’t been reading my blog (and I found out last night some of you have not, jerks) – you would know by now that IWC delivers.  Just some highlights of the surprises from the past few months

  • Chris Jericho as a ring announcer
  • Shane Douglas in for a surprise match
  • Ricky Steamboat and Ryback in for surprise saves
  • The Hardy’s in the ring with their WWE tag titles
  • Adam Cole popping up out of nowhere

What I’m saying is you need to get yourself to each and every IWC show you possibly can.

But first, you can catch up by downloading or purchasing some IWC cards at

And make sure you keep abreast of all the goings on at IWC, including pre-ordering event tickets at

Super Indy 16 is shaping up to be quite an event, with a wide open field of 8 of the top wrestlers in the world out there today – get reserved tickets before they sell out.

As always, thanks for reading, and I’ll see you at the matches.

IWC AfterShock Preview

This upcoming Saturday night, May 13th, International Wrestling Cartel (IWC) presents Aftershock, Volume 2 – The Road to Super Indy at Court Time Sports Complex in Elizabeth, PA.

That is right, it is Super Indy season….with three combatants of the Super Indy already named (and more to come – make sure to follow IWC on their social medias).  The Super Indy champion at the time (be it John McChesney or Chris LeRusso, more on that later), Jonathan Gresham (who tore up Super Indy last year, making it to the finals), and Bad Boy Joey Janela (originally scheduled for Super Indy last year but had to pull out due to injury) are already announced….I mean…if the powers that be are listening feel free to give us a Gresham vs Janela round one matchup and I’ll buy my ticket and DVD pre-order right now.

That being said…we still got to get through this week and IWC head Justin Plummer is giving us a stunning NINE match card to whet our appetite.  As I do, here are my predictions.

  • Jami Jameson vs Santana Diamonds – a battle of two of IWC’s up and coming talents…I ran into Santana at South Side over the weekend and was able to talk with him a short bit – here is how the conversation went.

TreyFabe:  Santana, you are facing Jami Jameson – he has gone toe to toe with Wardlow and Andrew Palace – two of the best – what is your strategy going into this match with him on Saturday?

Santana:  Strategy?  Heh, I go out and do what I got to do.  He got them big inflatable arms but they don’t scare me.  Only thing I got to worry about is if his sidekick Marshall the Bull tries to get involved – but then me and Marshall would be having a problem too and he doesn’t want that.  I’ve been watching Jami since his debut…I’m impressed with him but he hasn’t got in the ring yet with a boss like me.

TreyFabe:  Follow up question, off topic…I know your good friend Jeff will be in attendance.  He’s already made moves on Ric Flair’s wife and Katie Arquette…do you think Chelsea Green is ready for his charm?

Santana:  Jeff will be there doing his Stingers as usual, looking for some lovely ladies.  That guy only swings for the fences so with Chelsea I’m sure he’ll be making a move on her without having to go ‘WOO WOO WOO’ like some other dude friend of her does.  At the end of the night, don’t be surprised when you see the #SaunaClub come out with two victories!

  • Listening to Santana talk, I’m a believer, so I’ve got Santana getting the win over Jami
  • In a tag team match that should feature a dab or two, Air Jock, chest hair, and 2016 Rookie of the Year JaXon Argos attempting (and probably failing) at doing his JaXon Five maneuver…I’ve got the Mega Plowers defeating Team Storm
  • Sless Taylor vs Gory will provide us with some great flippy action – I’m impressed by the promo that Sless cut and I see him getting an upset win over the IWC legend
  • The leader of Team Storm, Jack Pollock, bitter after losing his bid to be the #1 contender to the IWC Heavyweight title – takes on the always dangerous Shane InYaFace.  Shane has been within moments of being the Super Indy champion….Pollock is no chump – I say that Plummer makes this an impromptu Super Indy qualifying match – a match this good on paper is too close to call….so long as JaXon and RC Dupree from Team Storm do not interfere I’ve got Shane submitting Pollock….but if those two cronies do show up at ringside it will be a whole other story
  • In a grudge match that has had the build of Sabu vs Taz (except about 7 months shorter of a build…give or take) – Bulk Nasty will be facing Daniel Hooven.  
  • Hooven has been focused in his training – when I tried to get some comments from him when we were in the sauna last week he simply looked at me and said ‘I’ve only got two words:  Air.  Hooven.’  
  • Bulk was a little more talkative when I ran into him outside of Burgatory last weekend, here’s what he had to say when I asked him about the upcoming match:

Bulk Nasty:  You want to ask me about my match with Dan Hooven?!  You sure you don’t want to just type up some stupid one liners and call yourself a blogger?  I’ll humor you, you hack.  This Saturday at IWC Aftershock you get to see the closest thing to a live execution since the 1700’s.  Hooven has been a thorn in my side for months.  Not only does he want to come out and f*ck up matches that he’s not even involved with.  Not only does he hit my friend and manager BC Steel in the b@lls every chance he gets….but he insults me by thinking he can step into a ring with me…with only two months of training and a membership to Planet Sh#tness.  I’m going to enjoy punishing Hooven for every social media jab, for every match run in, for every top rope drive through a table…but most of all I’m going to enjoy the punishment that I’m going to give him.  Death comes to Court Times Sports Complex this Saturday.  Now get the f*ck out of my way you Meltzer wannabe.

  • Seeing the fire in Bulk’s eyes…and knowing that Hooven is giving up size and experience to Bulk…I’ve got Bulk just crushing Hooven and perhaps even spitting on his grave when this is all said and done.
  • In an interesting tag team matchup, The Fraternity will be defending their IWC Tag Team titles against one of the hottest tag teams out there, The Carnies.  I’ve been researching The Carnies lately and these guys bring it.  I see a brawl breaking out in this one with an end result being a double countout.
  • Britt Baker defends her IWC Women’s title against Chelsea Green in a rematch from Reloaded.  Can Chelsea be the one to finally dethrone Britt…I don’t think so…I think if Queen B is to ever lose the title it will be against either Ray Lyn (who deserves a shot Plummer listen to me dangit) or the new queen in town, Katie Arquette.
  • Speaking of Katie Arquette…the rumor of why she is not booked on this card is that she is exhausted after having recently climbed Mt. Fuji.
  • The Super Indy title will be defended by Big League John McChesney against Chris LeRusso in a 2 out of 3 falls match…..this match may seriously last an hour easy.  I was able to call up LeRusso and here are his comments on the match:

LeRusso:  First off, how the hell did YOU  get this number.  Regardless:  May 13th we’ll settle this once and for all.  Historically, 2 out of 3 falls was the way to settle who was truly the better wrestler.  No one can claim “fluke” or a lucky break or some other such nonsense.  Hooven, Britt, Team Big League, Steamboat, anyone else you want to bring won’t change a thing McChesney.  At Road to Super Indy, I not only prove that I AM the greatest Super Indy Champion of all time; I punch my ticket to Super Indy 16….and don’t YOU ever call me again!

  • I would be mad at LeRusso for how he ended that phone call but since how that is usually what girls tell me after a date I’m pretty used to it by now.
  • So who is going to win the 2 out of 3 falls match – it’s a pick ‘em at this point – and I encourage everyone to get to Court Time for this one – it stands to be a classic
  • As if all the matches I’ve talked about were not enough, Andrew Palace, the fan favorite and de facto face of the IWC, will be challenging the beast, the basically unbeaten reigning and defending IWC Heavyweight champion – the man with WAR in his name – Wardlow.
  • Is this going to be Palace’s moment, or will Wardlow destroy him as he’s destroyed everyone else in his path?  So many questions…..but I’m going to try to answer at least one of them as I’ve got Andrew Palace doing the impossible and defeating Wardlow….by disqualification….and falling just short of his quest to win the IWC Heavyweight title

There are still tickets available for this match…but I wouldn’t just sit on that there will be some available at the door.  Did I mention NINE matches?  Did I mention that the entire Super Indy combatant list will be finalized at the event?  Did I mention that there could be an execution (RIP Hooven)?

Bring your money for merch, DVD’s courtesy of Sorgatron Media, and them purple PowerAde’s they have at the concessions.  Do remember – no free pictures!

Be sure to catch up with the storylines leading up to this event but downloading yourself some IWC matches at

Buy your tickets for this event at

Thanks for reading, see you all on Saturday.